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Can Your Supporting Teeth Under a Bridge Become Infected?

February 22, 2020

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A diagram of a dental bridge.Tooth loss can be extremely difficult to deal with on a daily basis. Chewing food becomes much harder and even if your missing teeth aren’t visible in your smile, your existing teeth are going to start shifting out of place as a way to compensate. Dental bridges offer a low-cost solution to fill these gaps as well as ensure that your future diet doesn’t have to be so limited! However, some people have concerns about their supporting teeth becoming damaged or even infected once the bridge is placed. According to an emergency dentist in East Islip, here’s what you need to know if that happens.


How Do Dental Bridges Work?

In order for a dental bridge to be placed, a handful of existing teeth need to be modified so that the bridge can have a solid foundation moving forward. These existing teeth are modified much like how dental crowns are. The only difference is instead of supporting a single crown, they support two crowns (one for each side) and replacement teeth that sit in the middle (also known as pontics.)

Each bridge is highly customized so that it properly fills the gaps while also ensuring a comfortable fit. After the bridge is created, it will be bonded directly to the abutment teeth and any modifications that are needed will be made. Creating a tight seal between the abutment teeth and the rest of the mouth is crucial to preventing food debris and plaque from reaching these more vulnerable teeth.

Can Abutment Teeth Become Infected?

It is possible for abutment teeth to become damaged by plaque, which in turn causes decay. If this decay becomes very deep, it can lead to an infection in the abutment teeth, which can also compromise the integrity of the dental bridge. This often occurs when oral hygiene is not practiced well enough or if the bridge was not properly customized to fit inside the patient’s mouth.

Furthermore, gum disease can also compromise the foundation of the abutment teeth as it is considered to be the leading cause of tooth loss in adults.

What Needs to Happen If An Infection Appears?

When a tooth becomes too damaged to hold a bridge, the restoration will need to be removed so that the affected teeth can be properly accessed. For an oral infection, root canal therapy needs to be completed to effectively remove the infection and damaged tissue as well as save the abutment teeth. In more severe cases, the abutment teeth can become too damaged to continue holding a bridge, therefore, a dental implant will need to be placed instead.

By practicing routine oral hygiene every day and making sure to focus on the underside of the bridge while brushing and flossing, you can prevent an infection from appearing in the first place and maintain a bridge that lasts for many years moving forward. If you want to avoid an infected tooth in East Islip, oral hygiene and routine visits to a dentist are key!

About East Islip Dental Care

When you need a dental bridge that truly lasts and looks incredibly natural once placed, the dentists at East Islip Dental Care have got you covered. Their many years of experience allows them to place customized dental restorations and perform complex restorative procedures like root canals all under one roof. If you’re looking for a solution to your significant tooth loss, don’t wait to contact their office through their website.

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