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Can a Brighter Smile Really Help You Find a Job?

February 10, 2021

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How much difference can brighter teeth really make? You often hear about smiles making a difference during job interviews and dates, but could such a small change as making the teeth a bit whiter truly improve your odds of success?  The answer is yes – and there’s research to back it up. In this article, you’ll learn about a study involving cosmetic dental patients that may reveal the true power behind teeth whitening in East Islip.

What Does the Research Say About Teeth Whitening?

A study conducted by Kelton Research had participants attend simulated job interviews and first dates. The first set of interviews and dates was conducted before teeth whitening was performed, and a second set followed the procedure. It was found that during the interviews, around 58 percent of the participants were more likely to be hired, and 65 percent were seen as more professional once their smiles improved. As for the dates, the evaluators were more likely to want to continue the date, and as many as 59 percent of participants were seen as more outgoing in general.

Moreover, the study also conducted an online survey. The results found that people with whiter teeth tended to be seen as more trustworthy and were more likely to find financial and professional success. Overall, the study seemed to strongly indicate that whiter teeth could be an important factor in situations where it’s important to make a strong first impression.

What are Other Benefits of Teeth Whitening?

In addition to aiding you in some of the most important meetings and social events of your life, a smile that has been improved with teeth whitening can also:

  • Help you feel more self-confident and outgoing in general.
  • Improve your overall mental state by making it easier to smile without being embarrassed about your teeth.
  • Encourage improved oral health, as patients tend to take better care of their smiles when they want to maintain an improved appearance.

How Can Teeth Whitening Improve My Smile?

While other cosmetic treatments are somewhat more generalized in what they’re able to correct, teeth whitening has one major goal: to remove any stains or discolored spots from the teeth. Brushing and flossing alone often isn’t enough to stop wine, tea, coffee, tobacco, and certain medications from leaving their marks on your grin over the years. An in-office whitening procedure removes the particles causing these stains, including those that slipped beneath the surface of the enamel where store-bought products are unable to reach. In-office whitening has been shown to make the teeth six to ten shades whiter in just one appointment.

Are you concerned about making the best first impression possible? Talk to your dentist today about teeth whitening and how it can benefit you.

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