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Why You Won’t Regret a Root Canal Treatment

July 13, 2022

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A dentist performing a root canal

Given the stereotypes about it, a root canal might seem like something to avoid. Wouldn’t a procedure that drills into a tooth do more harm than good? Why even bother getting it? However, the truth is that root canal therapy almost always helps its recipients. There’s little chance you’d regret the treatment! In fact, your East Islip dentist is here to explain why that’s the case. Read on to learn three reasons you’ll be happy with your root canal.

A Root Canal Won’t Hurt

Many patients fear that a root canal will be painful. Based on its depiction in TV and film, they assume treatment will hurt more than the original dental issue. As such, they think it’s best to skip the procedure or delay it as long as possible.

As it turns out, though, this fear is unwarranted. Movies and television only show root canals as painful because that’s more dramatic. In truth, the treatment is practically painless! Before it even begins, a dentist will numb your tooth with local agents and anesthesia. Consequently, you won’t feel a thing during the appointment.

It Beats the Alternatives

Furthermore, you’ll end up with more challenges if you *don’t* get a root canal.

For starters, you’ll be stuck with your initial symptoms. More specifically, your infected tooth will continue to cause severe pain. That wouldn’t be fun, right?

Worse, though, will be the infection’s long-term effects. Left untreated, it’ll likely spread to other parts of your body. That, in turn, could lead to tooth loss or sepsis. You may even have to extract the pearly white instead.

Thankfully, root canal therapy would let you avoid these outcomes. Rather, it’ll let you chew, drink liquids, and speak without worrying about pain.

Most Patients Are Glad They Got One

Scientific research itself finds that most are happy with the treatment.

For instance, a study by Emma Wigsten of the University of Gothenburg surveyed 243 root canal patients over 1-3 years. While half this number admitted to mild pain post-procedure, 87% were satisfied with the results. More specifically, they didn’t regret their choice to get root canal therapy instead of an alternative.

True, it’d be better if you didn’t need a root canal in the first place. Even so, factors like those above show that the procedure is something you won’t regret!

About the Author

Dr. Gary Rosenfeld is a dentist based in East Islip, NY, having earned his dental doctorate from the Columbia University Dental School. He has practiced dentistry for over thirty-five years and truly cherishes bringing excellent dental care to his patients. As such, he provides the finest preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry possible and emergency dental treatments. Dr. Rosenfeld currently practices at East Islip Dental Care and can be reached at his website or by phone at (631)-581-8600.

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