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Get the Dental Crown You Need Before the Year Ends – Here’s Why!

September 7, 2022

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Are you in need of a new dental crown for your damaged tooth? This may feel like something you can put off until the holiday season ends, but this isn’t necessarily the best idea. You will be missing out on several different benefits if you put it off until the start of 2023. This restoration is crucial for the health of your smile, and you can save your wallet by getting it now. Read on to learn why you should get your new dental crown soon and how your insurance plays a role in the process.

Why Should You Get Your Dental Crown Now?

Crowns are sometimes necessary to restore teeth after an injury, tooth decay, or tooth loss. When you put off getting this restoration, your tooth could end up being damaged even further. Here are some issues that can occur:

  • Exposure to bacteria: If your tooth isn’t being protected by a dental crown, it can wind up enduring more decay, or you could develop a painful infection. This is because it is exposed to harmful bacteria in your mouth.
  • Irritation of soft tissue: When the damage to your tooth has left it with a rough surface and broken edges, you could end up with sores and irritation of the soft tissue in the mouth.
  • Additional damage: If your compromised tooth isn’t being supported, you’re leaving it vulnerable to breaking down even more. Without having it treated properly, this will only become more severe. You could even end up in need of a root canal or extraction. In the end, getting a dental crown can help you to avoid a painful dental emergency in the future.

How Do Your Dental Insurance Benefits Play a Role?

If you have dental insurance, your unused benefits are likely to expire before the end of the calendar year. Your annual deductible is the amount of money that needs to be paid out of pocket each year until you can take advantage of your benefits. Each January, this amount will reset, so you are responsible for paying your deductible again. If you have already met your deductible for 2022, you are much more likely to save by getting your dental crown now.

This isn’t the time to put off dental treatment. Give your dentist a call to schedule an appointment before the end of the year. This way, you can save your smile and your wallet!

About the Practice

At East Islip Dental Care, we have a team of six skilled dentists serving the Easy Islip community. With their combined experience and expertise, patients can get pretty much anything they need under one roof! If you need a new dental crown, we’d be happy to help. For more information on dental crowns or to schedule an appointment at our office, visit our website or call (631) 581-8600.

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