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Insurance & Financing

Paying for Your Dental Care

Our goal is to let nothing stand in the way between you and your ideal smile. We are happy to accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, as well as personal checks and cash.

Financial Options

Dr. Rosenfeld has chosen respected third party financing institutions so that our patients can make dental care fit within virtually any budget. If you would like to explore financing options, visit these websites:

NEW!!! East Islip Dental Care's In-House Dental Fee Plan

Contact us about our new discounted fee plan, which offers savings on most services. This is not dental insurance; it is our own dental fee plan that is only good at East Islip Dental Care. You save on everything from cleanings & fillings to cosmetic procedures and crowns. In fact, our affordable plan includes the following services at no charge:

Comprehensive exam (once every six months) X-rays (once every 12 months) Cleaning/Prophylaxis (Once every six months, twice per calendar year) Cosmetic Consultation

You can join our low cost dental plan for a nominal membership fee - starting as low as $17 per month for our individual plan.

All health conditions accepted. You cannot be denied coverage.

Email or call us today and ask for details. We will be happy to send you a membership application!

Dental Insurance

We accept dental insurance and will file out of network claims. We are in network with some companies and will accept copay or deductible for out of network policies in some situations. Please call our friendly insurance specialists for more information about your policy.

Ro Knows

RoseMarie Brandwein, East Islip Dental Care’s Assistant Office Manager, is celebrating her eighth year as head of our treatment coordination team.  As the team leader, Ro is the go-to person for information about financing your care.  She will present your options to you at your visit, if convenient for you, or schedule a time to go over your treatment plan at a later date.  These options include cash, check or credit card, of course, but also payment options such as Care Credit.  Ro has been working with Care Credit and other 3rd party financing companies for years and knows this an affordable option for financing your dental care, whether the treatment is large or small.

Another affordable treatment financing option that is fairly unique to our office is the East Islip Dental Care in-office dental fee plan.  Ro and her talented treatment team are thrilled to be able to present an affordable alternative to patients who do not have insurance.  Although the in-office fee plan is not insurance, the benefits to you and your family are many, including complimentary preventive care twice a year.  Details about the in-office plan are described elsewhere on this page. 

For those who have insurance, Ro and her team will work with you to maximize your benefits.  We do not shy away from speaking with insurance companies on your behalf.  That is what Ro and her team are here to do!  We will verify your benefit eligibility and go out of our way to make sure you receive the maximum insurance courtesy possible.  And although insurance payments are always an estimate, Ro and her team will strive to make sure you are satisfied with your insurance benefit.

But how does treatment presentation work?  Ro recently described the process.  After Dr. Rosenfeld, Dr. Boerger or Dr. Henner diagnose dental health issues that should be addressed, Ro will sit down with you, either in our nicely-appointed treatment presentation room or conveniently at chairside, and go over the x-rays, pictures, and intra-oral photos that have been taken.  She will carefully explain the treatment options available to you and how they can best be achieved financially.  This may involve signing up for our dental fee plan, a financing option like Care Credit, working with your insurance company to maximize your dental insurance benefits, or traditional payment methods.  In short, Ro and her team will do their best to work with you in achieving optimal dental health in a way that does not overly-strain your pocketbook.

Ro’s favorite part of the job?  Smile makeovers!  She is thrilled to have a part in helping patients achieve their dream smiles.  Look at our smile gallery and you will see many pictures of patients who are smiling happily with their dream smiles – and are thankful to Ro for helping achieve that dream. 

East Islip Dental Care is proud to serve all of Long Island.  We are open seven days a week to serve your dental needs and a member of Ro’s team is here every day to address your concerns.  Call Ro to discuss your treatment financing options – because Ro Knows!

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