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The Cost of Avoiding the Dentist

November 18, 2017

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Woman having a dental examination.Why do six-month cleaning and checkup appointments appear at the busiest times of the year? You schedule them six months in advance not knowing that your work schedule is going to be outrageous at this time. Is it really that important to have another cleaning if your teeth don’t hurt? The answer is – yes! It’s extremely important, and here is why a dental checkup in Bay Shore is critical to your oral health.


Here’s What You Should Know About Porcelain Veneers in Bay Shore

November 8, 2017

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Smiling woman talking on the phoneYour smile is an important tool as it makes the first impression when people meet you. People who smile with confidence are often perceived as happier, more successful, and more approachable. If you’re not satisfied with the appearance of your smile, you may be giving the wrong impression and this can affect your personal and professional relationships. Porcelain veneers in Bay Shore can be an excellent solution for repairing and enhancing your smile, and here’s what you should know about them.


Dentist in Medford Recommends an Electric Toothbrush

October 29, 2017

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woman with an electric toothbrushThe ingredients of good oral hygiene are pretty basic: brush for two minutes, twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dentist every six months. When it comes to brushing your teeth, though, you do have one choice to make: electric or manual?


Understanding Dental Insurance in Medford

October 15, 2017

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happy family of fourDental insurance isn’t any kind of mystery, but it’s also not always easy to discern just how it works. Preventive treatments are usually completely covered by your provider, but your benefits may vary beyond that. Understanding how your dental insurance in Medford works is key to making the most out of your investment — keep reading to find out more!


Will Invisalign Straighten My Bottom Teeth?

September 22, 2017

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Woman with clear Invisalign tray. For years you’ve lived with bottom teeth that overlap, and it’s caused you to pause when you’re having your picture taken or when you’re meeting someone new. You’ve heard about Invisalign, but is it the right treatment for you? Could it align your bottom teeth? Here’s what you need to know about Invisalign.


What are My Options for Replacing a Missing Tooth?

September 12, 2017

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A depressed woman looking out the window.Let’s face it; living with a compromised tooth takes a toll on every aspect of your life. If you still have the tooth, but it’s failing, it’s probably causing pain and making it difficult to chew. If the tooth is already missing, it’s also challenging to navigate chewing foods and feeling confident about talking and smiling in front of other people. The good news is that there are excellent options available for replacing a missing tooth.


Get a Hollywood Smile With Porcelain Veneers in Bay Shore!

August 21, 2017

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A woman with a beautiful smile.You have hidden your smile for the last time! After years of living with compromised teeth, you are ready to reclaim your confidence and your smile. Cosmetic dentistry has solutions and you can create the smile you’ve always wanted with porcelain veneers in Bay Shore. Here’s how your team at East Islip Dental Care can help!


The Benefit of Dental Implants in Bay Shore

August 11, 2017

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A couple enjoying drinks.Living with a failing or missing tooth is challenging! Chewing and eating the foods you once enjoyed becomes difficult, and this may affect your nutrition. It also takes a toll on your confidence as talking and smiling in front of others may feel embarrassing. This affects your personal and professional relationships. The good news is that there are excellent options for replacing teeth and dental implants in Bay Shore that may be the solution you’re looking for.


Are You Grinding Your Teeth in Bay Shore? Here’s How You Can Tell

July 30, 2017

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Could you be grinding your teeth in Bay Shore?You wake up with a splitting headache and jaw pain. This is the fourth time it’s happened this month, and it’s not a fun way to start your day. This seem to be happening more frequently, and you’re not sure why. Could you be grinding your teeth in Bay Shore? Here are some of the signs to look for.


When Do Dentures in Bay Shore Need to be replaced?

July 22, 2017

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When do dentures in Bay Shore need to be replaced?Dentures are a wonderful option for replacing an entire arch of missing teeth and restoring a smile. The average lifespan of a traditional denture is typically 7-10 years, however with excellent home care, periodic relines, and yearly checkups with your dentist your dentures in Bay Shore can potentially exceed that lifespan. Here’s some more information about making the most of your investment.


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