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Night Guards For Bruxism In Islip May Be a Solution For Teeth Grinding

July 19, 2016

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Night guards for bruxism in Islip may be the solution if you grind your teeth.Do you ever wake up with headaches or a tender jaw? Do your teeth ever feel sore or does it hurt when you bite down? Do you ever have pain in your neck or shoulders? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may suffer from teeth grinding. This typically occurs at night while you sleep, so you may not even be aware that you clench or grind your teeth, except for the symptoms you experience throughout the day. Night guards for bruxism in Islip may be the solution you need to protect your teeth from grinding.

What is Bruxism?

The act of clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth is known in dentistry as bruxism. Most patients are not aware of bruxism until their symptoms become more apparent because it typically takes place at night while you sleep. If you suffer from bruxism you may notice that your teeth are beginning to wear faster than normal. You may also experience frequent headaches, especially in the morning; or you could feel sore or tender in your jaw or when you bite down. Bruxism can also contribute to a painful joint disorder known as TMJ, which may cause neck and shoulder pain in addition to your other symptoms.

How is Bruxism Treated?

If you suspect that you or someone you love may be suffering from bruxism you should contact your dental provider. There are many options for treatment, and your dental provider can make recommendations after a thorough examination. Many patients will benefit from wearing a night guard, which will relax muscles to reduce grinding and also protect teeth from wear.

More severe cases of bruxism may require a combination of treatments in order to achieve optimum results. If your bite is misaligned, orthodontics may be an option for aligning your bite and alleviating bruxism. The important thing to remember is to take action in order to avoid further damage to your teeth and joint.

At East Islip Dental Care, our highly skilled team of doctors has years of experience in helping patients alleviate bruxism and improve their oral health. We can make a night guard or other oral appliance that is customized for your specific needs. Because we understand that no two cases of bruxism are alike, we provide a thorough evaluation before recommending the right treatment for you. We will monitor your condition and check your mouth guard at your regular dental appointments in order to be sure that your condition is being effectively managed.

Don’t let pain or headaches affect your life any longer! Contact our office today to learn more about bruxism and how we can help you.

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