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Caring for Your Mouth After a Tooth Extraction in Patchogue

January 5, 2017

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Caring for your mouth after a tooth extraction in Patchogue.Having a tooth extracted may initially sound like an overwhelming procedure, however your team at East Islip Dental Care wants you to know that it doesn’t have to be. In fact, we strive to make it as comfortable and smooth as possible for our patients. Taking care of yourself after the procedure is part of the healing process and we have some helpful tips on the best way to care for your mouth after a tooth extraction in Patchogue.

The First 24 Hours After Your Extraction

This is an important time to avoid certain things such as spitting, sucking through a straw, smoking, eating hot foods, and alcohol. You’ll also need to stick with a liquid or soft foods diet the first 24 hours after your surgery. Plan on resting, and not resuming your normal activities until the day after your surgery.

Some pain and slight bleeding is normal during this time. Your dentist may prescribe medication to be taken as needed for pain. If bleeding won’t stop, or is excessive, you’ll need to contact our office right away. Normal bleeding can be contained with gauze, light pressure, and soothed with ice.

After the First Day

You may begin warm salt-water rinses after the first 24 hours, which will help to soothe your extraction site. You should still have soft food in your diet, however you can begin to incorporate normal foods as your recovery progresses. You can start your regular brushing and flossing routine again, being careful around your open socket and adjacent teeth.

Your Post-Operative Visit

Your dentist will want to meet with you a few days to a week after your surgery to ensure that everything is healing properly. This is a good time to mention any issues or concerns you may be experiencing. Some patients experience alveolar osteitis, or dry socket, which is very painful and requires immediate attention, so be sure to contact us right away if you’re experiencing any unusual pain or symptoms.

Contact Our Office

At East Islip Dental Care, we’re here for you throughout the entire extraction process. That means you can contact our office anytime during the process if you have questions or concerns about your procedure or recovery. Most patients are pleasantly surprised at how easy the process can be, and we want your experience to be the same!

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