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A Dentist in East Islip Celebrates National Men’s Health Month

June 10, 2019

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Man smilingMen don’t always do a great job of looking after their teeth; in fact, the CDC found that men are less likely than women to brush at least twice a day and, as a result, are at a higher risk of suffering from untreated cavities. Unfortunately, it’s not just their teeth that are at risk; cavities and gum disease can easily lead to much larger problems. To celebrate Men’s Health Month, here’s some advice from a dentist in Islip on how oral health affects the rest of the body – as well as tips men can follow to keep their pearly-whites in good shape!

Why a Healthy Mouth is Important for a Healthy Body

Your mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria that can form plaque on your teeth and gums. If it’s not removed through brushing and flossing, plaque can lead to cavities and gum disease. These conditions will result in a lot of pain and even tooth loss if they’re left untreated.

Worse yet, gum disease has been linked to numerous health issues. According to Harvard Medical School, patients with infected gums are two or three times more likely to suffer from heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases; this is attributed to oral bacteria entering the bloodstream. Other studies have connected gum disease to Alzheimer’s, liver cancer, and respiratory infections. All of this means that good oral hygiene doesn’t just protect your teeth; it can also help protect your life!

How Men Can Protect Their Oral Health

Many men may think that two dental visits per year are enough for a healthy mouth, but while these checkups are certainly important, good oral health requires daily attention and constant vigilance. Some important steps you can take include:

  • Regular Brushing and Flossing: You should brush twice a day – three times if possible. Flossing should be done daily in order to clean the spaces between the teeth; if you have trouble reaching certain areas, you may find interdental brushes or water picks easier to use.
  • Wear a Mouthguard: Contact sports always carry a risk of taking an injury to the mouth, so get a mouthguard just in case. Also consider getting one to wear while sleeping if you grind your teeth.
  • Check Your Medications: Some heart medications dry out your mouth, which makes cavities more likely. Drink plenty of water, and chew sugarless gum to increase saliva levels.

Additionally, you’ll need to be aware of potential signs of trouble in your mouth; don’t ignore bleeding gums or a toothache that lasts more than a couple of days. Always carry the number for your emergency dentist in East Islip so that you can get the help you need quickly in a worst-case scenario. Stay healthy by taking control of your oral health!

About the Practice

At East Islip Dental Care, six talented dentists combine their skillsets to bring families high-quality care seven days a week. They offer many preventive services such as mouthguards for sports and nighttime teeth grinding; they also provide oral cancer screenings at each regular checkup.  To schedule an appointment, visit their website or call (631) 581-8600.

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