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Dentist In East Islip Discusses 3 Benefits of Multiple Dentists in One Office

July 5, 2019

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Team of dentists in a huddleIf you’re making the switch to a new dentist, it’s helpful to know what to look for to ensure you get great quality care that’s also as convenient as possible. Every dental practice is unique and one of the main differences you’ll see between them is how many doctors are available under one roof. While some offices are run by a single dentist, others take advantage of “strength in numbers” by giving you access to a team of dentists. Keep reading below to learn about 3 important benefits you’ll get from seeing more than one dentist in East Islip.

1. Multiple Dentists Can Accommodate More Patients

Clearly, one dentist can only see one patient at a time, potentially leading to long wait times for everyone. And, if you have several family members that you’d like to schedule on the same day, you can be there for quite a while because you’ll have to be seen one after another.

With multiple dentists, the schedule is more flexible, allowing them to see more than one patient at a time. In addition to spending less time in the waiting room, you’ll also have more convenient scheduling and won’t ever have gaps in your dental care because your dentist is on vacation.

2. More Dentists Can Offer Expanded Office Hours

Life is busy enough without the added stress of carving out time from your busy schedule for dental visits. When a practice has multiple dentists, they’re able to offer additional office hours outside of the usual ‘9-5.’ In some cases, you can even schedule on Saturday and Sunday for maximum convenience.

Since everyone needs to visit the dentist at least twice a year, the added flexibility is a big help. Expanded hours also means you won’t have to wait to see someone in the case of a dental emergency.

3. A Team of Dentists Can Collaborate To Provide Better Care

Even if you see the most knowledgeable dentist in the world, there’s only so much experience and expertise one person can have. Just as medical doctors often collaborate to provide the best medical care, you’ll also benefit from a team of dentistswho can “bounce ideas off of each other” and determine the best course of treatment for your oral health.

Also, a multi-doctor practice is more likely to have dentists with training in specialty fields such as implant dentistry. Or if you’d like to see a cosmetic dentist in East Islip to enhance your smile, you can stay with a team you already know and trust instead of finding an outside office.

When it comes to dental care, there’s strength in numbers. By going to an office with a team of dentists, you’ll enjoy many years of great dental care and achieve a healthier smile!

About the Practice

At East Islip Dental Care, a team of 6 dentistswork together to provide outstanding, seamless dental care for patients of all ages. With decades of experience between them, they offer a wide menu of services under one roof to accommodate everyone’s needs. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, they can be reached via their website.

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