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BlueCross BlueShield Dentist – East Islip, NY

BlueCross BlueShield Protects Your Dental Budget

Do you have dental coverage from BlueCross BlueShield? As a caring dentist in East Islip, we want our patients to take advantage of every avenue that can help them to receive the high-quality treatment they deserve without worrying too much about money. That’s why we are happy to work with a vast variety of insurance plans, including BlueCross BlueShield.

Your policy is an invaluable resource with a focus on preventive care that can help you keep problems like gum disease and cavities far away from your precious smile. It is also there as a financial safety net when you need restorative treatment. But how can you get the greatest value out of your policy? Rely on us to help you navigate and maximize your coverage.

BlueCross BlueShield Coverage Availability & Fees

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Empire BlueCross BlueShield in New York offers a number of different dental insurance plans, so the specifics of your coverage will depend on which plan you opt for. However, we can provide you with a general idea of how PPO plans from the company might work:

  • Preventive care: Covered at 100% when you visit an in-network BlueCross BlueShield dentist in East Islip. Preventive care includes services like checkups, cleanings, and routine X-rays.
  • Basic services: Covered at 80% when you visit an in-network dentist. These services may include fillings and other minor treatments.
  • Major services: Covered at 50% when you visit an in-network dentist. Major services typically include things like crowns and root canal therapy.

Notice that the above-listed coverage rates apply to in-network providers. Dentists who are in your insurance’s network have already negotiated the rates for certain services, which helps patients and the insurance company save money. You can still use your PPO plan at out of network providers, but you can expect to pay significantly more out of pocket.

Visiting an in-network dentist comes with additional advantages. We are used to working with BlueCross BlueShield and are thus in a good position to help you get as much as possible out of you plan. For example, we might suggest that you schedule major treatments in a way that lets you use two annual maximums (the highest amount that BlueCross BlueShield will pay out for treatments in a calendar year) rather than just one.

Meet Barbara

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Everyone on our team wants you to use your dental insurance to the full, but Barbara takes the lead in making it happen. She has more than 35 years of experience in dentistry, and she has been with us for more than 20 of those years. We truly treasure the knowledge she has accumulated over the decades! She can verify your coverage, answer your insurance questions, and file your claims for you. Give our office a call to see how Barbara can help you maximize your BlueCross Blue Shield dental insurance.