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What Patients Really Need to Know about Root Canals in Islip

December 16, 2015

Man with a toothache needs root canal therapy The words “Root Canal,” send most patients bolting for the door, but to be fair, root canals have gotten a bad reputation in large part due to misunderstanding. Root canal infection occurs when tooth decay causing bacteria reach the inner, pulp, layer of teeth. Root canal treatments are procedures that involve the pulp of the tooth, and the dental specialty, endodontics, was created to provide these necessary treatments. The procedure traditionally referred to as a “root canal” consists of the removal of infected pulp, refilling of the tooth with biocompatible material, and the placement of a dental crown to provide additional stability and protection to the treated tooth. This blog provides facts regarding some of the common misconceptions about root canal infection and treatments.

I’d Rather Have a Root Canal!

We’re glad to hear it because you already have quite a few root canals. Sometimes several underneath a single tooth. A root canal is actually just the inside of the tooth root where pulp and nerves fuse with other bodily tissues. Endodontic treatment received this misnomer because the enamel and dentin layers of teeth are thinnest in the roots, so most infections of the pulp layer of teeth begin in the root.

Root Canal Therapy is REALLY Painful!

Root canal treatments are no more painful than any dental procedure like a filling, crown, or other restoration. In fact, patients typically experience an immediate relief from pain once the pulp layer is removed. All the tooth’s nerves are located in the pulp. When the pulp becomes infected, the nerves are directly affected causing severe pain and sensitivity. Root canal treatments remove the entire pulp layer, nerve and all, from the damaged tooth relieving pain almost immediately.

Root Canal Therapy Can Make You Sick

Many people claim that root canal treatment allows the bacteria and infection in the tooth to spread to other parts of the body. This is based on extremely spurious, anecdotal evidence. Patients who make this claim typically had infection spreading through their bodies before the procedure leading to fever and nausea typical of bacterial infection. Root canal therapy removes all of the infected tissue from the tooth, and dentists even prescribe oral or topical antibiotics when necessary to fully treat infection.

All Teeth that Undergo Root Canal Therapy End up Being Pulled

When done properly, root canal therapy is effective and long-lasting. Patients who end up having treated teeth extracted are typically dealing with a larger oral health issue that initially caused the need for the root canal.

Debunk More Dental Health Myths with Your Islip Root Canal Dentist

Interested in finding out more about oral health or ready to schedule an appointment? Contact the friendly, knowledgeable team at East Islip Dental Care. Our team is happy to answer your questions, help you understand treatment options, or schedule consultations and appointments that fit your schedule.

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